Our History

Our agency was founded in October 1995 and since then we all are living and working in Venice. When we say “living like the Venetians” we mean to offer accommodations located only in the historic center of our wonderful city, carefully selected for our future guests.

Many of our guests enjoy the liberty of staying in a flat instead of a hotel. They appreciate  the opportunity to become “resident” in  our wonderful city in an authentic way, even if for a short time and to experience the true Venetian life, such as a shopping trip to the fish and vegetable market and prepare a true Venetian recipe!

Together with many of our customers, we hope, that this way we can in a modest but sincere way contribute to protect and conserve the typical Venetian life. So in the future we still might the small, individual shops and bars, affordable restaurants and people meeting and talking at quiet and picturesque squares.


I membri dello staff

Helga , qualified bank clerk, is born and grown in Nürnberg. Her long-cherished wish to live in Italy was decisive, amongst other things, for the establishment of our Mitwohnzentrale in autumn 1995. Venice – lovers from around the world should get a completely new, original and affordable way to experience their favorite city and to “live in” like the Venetians.

Since then she devotes herself totally to the work for the Mitwohnzentrale. Furthermore she is practicing and teaching Yoga with enthusiasm and devotion.

Helga speaks, besides her native language, English, Italian and a little French.

Kirsten born in Loerrach (Southern Germany), lived for a long time in Hamburg where she worked – among other things – as a musician and instructress for florists.
Since 2001 she lives permanently in Venice. Thanks to her good sense of observation and her empathy Kirsten can be very helpful to our guests in choosing the appropriate apartment. This experience is also very useful in the selection and integration of new apartments.
Besides her native language she speaks also English, French and Italian.
Barbara is born and grown up in Venice and knows here quite everybody. She likes travelling and explored already the farthest corners of the world.
All our guests, landlords and team members appreciate her extraordinary helpfulness, kindness and generosity, and of course her practical skills in every area of our activity.
Besides her native language she speaks English, French, Spanish and a little German.
Jürgen is from Hamburg and lives since 2005 permanently in Venice. In Hamburg, for many years, he devoted himself to music, both in records and CD trading as well as a musician.
To ensure the smooth running of the apartment handovers, it takes patience and precision. Qualities that Juergen can satisfy very well with his serene, peaceful, just Nordic character.
Besides his native language he speaks English and a little Italian.
Felix has left us in May 2015. Many of our friends and customers may remember him, he always was ready to welcome them at their arrival in Venice and to accompany them o their apartments.
<strong>Bianca </strong>
Bianca is our elderly , charming, for-legged lady. She is still working part-time in our office and pleases us with her sweetness and patience.